Used Onewheel Pint X

I have just recently put a brand new Enduro tire by the float life, a new set of slate rails with full metal railguards, have a new rear footpad which would be included. I originally got it with the carbon fiber fender which has some scuffs now – however I recently 3d printed a pair of “Flight Fins” but they would not come with the board as it would infringe upon their copyright for “selling” a similar product. The split fenders would however come with because I can’t use them for my GT and without the actual footholds they can’t be considered flightfins lol. I used your “how much is my pint X worth calculator and will include what my estimate was. I currently have close to 4K miles on it and am the top 30 for most milage on the pintX – but it has been extremely well taken care of through its life. As I said I just replaced many major components on it and it’s had floatsavers since 1K miles. It was also sent for refurbishment at 2.2K miles as the BMS shit out on me. So it’s new BMS and Battery is current <2K miles because good old FM got me for both when it was just one failing component. It has custom griptape, a onetail extreme back footpad, and a plethora of extra parts as well as the old parts like the rails and stock bumpers if interested.

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